MADC promotes Equity and Excellence in the treatment of substance use disorders (SUD) throughout Maryland. We believe every patient should have access to a high-quality treatment system that is informed by scientifically-proven best practices and has the capacity to meet the needs of all Marylanders. While our efforts directly address the urgent crisis our State faces related to the opioid epidemic, all initiatives are strategically aligned to cultivate long-term, systemic change.

The Council acts as Content ExpertConvener, and Capacity Builder to advance the important priorities related to addiction-focused healthcare. MADC’s target initiatives include the ABC’s:

MADC works to ensure that all Marylanders have access to a high-quality treatment system for addiction-related healthcare. MADC provides key resources to help individuals and families facing a health crisis. These tools are designed to help patients evaluate what treatment will be most effective and ensure that treatment is easily accessible.

This is the primary way the average Marylander would interact with MADC. These services ensure that urgent needs related to SUD are being met and that every patient can access a high-quality system of care.

MADC believes that all decisions related to maintaining and improving our statewide treatment system should be informed by scientifically-proven best practices. The Council offers content expertise to decision-makers, healthcare professionals, higher education partners, the media and public-at-large. These efforts foster true excellence in the treatment of SUD.

MADC works closely with those whose work intersects with SUD to offer practical education about best practices. All efforts are designed to bridge the divide between the current reality and the ideal. With discipline and commitment, we believe that Maryland can become a nationwide leader in the treatment of SUD.

MADC works tirelessly to grow the capacity of our treatment system to meet current and projected needs. We strive to ensure that the State is supporting and funding the proper initiatives to create a robust continuum of care. We also partner closely with educators and practitioners to strengthen workforce capacity across the healthcare spectrum.

MADC’s work with the healthcare professional and education communities is invaluable in ensuring that our treatment system is adequately sized and staffed to meet current and projected needs. Our capacity building efforts will help actualize MADC’s vision for a future where all Marylanders have consistent, reliable access to high-quality treatment.