Provider Parity Resource Guide

The Provider Parity Resource Guide offers providers essential guidance on the application of the parity law.  The ultimate goal is to help identify whether insurance companies are violating the parity law by limiting the scope or duration of treatment for mental health and substance use disorder (MH/SUD) coverage, or by requiring patients to pay more for their MH/SUD care.

Prepared by The University of Maryland School of Law Drug Policy and Public Helth Strategic Clinic and through the generous support of the Open Society Institute-Baltimore.

To share a parity concern, please contact:
Ellen Weber at

Provider Parity Resource Guide

New Parity Resource
This quick reference tool from the Drug Policy Clinic at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law offers helpful tips for identifying violations of the mental health/substance use disorder parity law. It includes a list of "red flags" to look for as you review recent claim denials and explanations of benefits. The Drug Policy Clinic is also happy to assist you in evaluating and pursuing suspected violations.

Parity Outreach Document

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MADC Launches Quality Council

MADC will be convening the first session of the Quality Council in January 2016. The Council has been established to enable members of the treatment community to network and learn together around common issues of interest. The Quality Council will convene bi-monthly online and provide an opportunity for treatment professionals to come together and discuss urgent issues affecting their work and learn more about cutting-edge topics that affect the delivery of care.

All MADC members are invited to participate. The agenda will allow regular time for providers to share updates, interact with officials who have been invited to participate and engage in topic-specific learning opportunities. The National Council for Behavioral Health will be serving as partners in this effort and supporting topics of interest with content experts and valuable resources. The agenda and topics will be shared in advance.

The Quality Council, led by co-chairs Heather Brown and Vicky Walters, has been established in response to feedback from members who want a regular opportunity to engage with other providers, but cannot find the time to come together for in-person meetings. We hope that this format will allow providers to keep urgent matters front and center, promote continued collaboration with colleagues and provide opportunities to learn new things that will positively impact the important work you do each day.