Our Mission
The Maryland Addictions Directors Council advocates for quality addictions services that promote healthy individuals, strong families and thriving communities.

Our Vision
It is our vision that people in need of services will have timely and easy access to high-quality services at the appropriate level of care to meet their needs. We further envision:  

A continuum of services will be available that begin with prevention and include intervention, treatment, recovery, support, and wellness.  

People will be aware of services and will access them at an earlier stage, without  the barriers of shame or inability to pay.  Access to the right service, at the right   time will reduce costs and increase quality and availability of services.

Public policy will address treatment for substance use, co-occurring disorders and process addiction as any other health issue.  Laws will include alternatives to punishment and provide more opportunities for the courts to choose treatment solutions.  

People in need of services will be treated by highly qualified specialists who are  recognized and utilized as a critical part of the health care team.  Multiple levels of  credentialing will correspond to similar levels in the medical profession.

Professionals will be knowledgeable and highly skilled, based on their education, certification and access to ongoing professional development.  

Access to treatment for all who need it will benefit society and the economy by boosting worker productivity, reducing crime and incarceration costs, improving infant and child health, advancing achievement for children and youth, and strengthening families and communities.

Our Core Values and Beliefs
We believe in the hope for recovery for everyone. Every person has a right to timely, appropriate care and to be treated with dignity and respect.  

We believe people who choose to be healthy cannot always achieve this alone.  

We believe people’s ability to access the right level of care will create the most               successful and cost-effective outcomes.

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